Walkie Talkie LTE Pricing

Nationwide Network Airtime

Our LTE walkie talkies combine push-to-talk technology with the cellular network to give you the ability to communicate anywhere in North America with cellular coverage.

Each walkie talkie activated to your network requires a monthly airtime fee to operate. First month of airtime is always free!

This is a managed service hosted on our servers at AWS and with redundancy at Nextcom's own secure server site.

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  • Standard Pricing

    Our standard monthly airtime rate for each radio is $24.95 USD. Service is month-to-month, no contracts, unlimited data. We will activate and ship the radio to you ready to use. Add or remove walkie talkies anytime.

    First month of airtime is always free!

  • Preferred Pricing

    For companies with more than 20 walkie talkies, we have reduced monthly airtime rates and flexible purchasing options. Depending on the size of your company, we will achieve the best price in the market for you. Contact us to build your preferred pricing.

  • Free Seasonal Airtime

    You can de-activate radios when they are not in use and suspend billing to save on monthly airtime rates. Ideal for school districts and seasonal businesses like landscaping. Suspended billing for inactive radios is a good thing!


Try them for Free!

You can try our NXT60 LTE walkie talkies free for 30 days by ordering on Amazon or on Nextcom. The first month of airtime is free, and you can return the radios within 30 days for a full refund.

We will also give you a free month of access to test the dispatch software!

Free 30-Day Trial Details

First month of Airtime is always free!

Nextcom Dispatch

  • Visually track, text, and talk to all of your radios.
  • Communicate to your team directly through the browser interface.
  • Create groups and private channels.
  • Record your calls and GPS activity.

Our dispatch single license monthly rate is $24.95 USD for unlimited radios and unlimited data.

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