Long Distance LTE Two Way Radio Walkie Talkies for Business 

Nextcom's Long Distance LTE Walkie Talkies work where YOU work, providing instant, real-time communications across your teams. Surprisingly affordable with a host of options to suit almost every business need. Nextcom is the leader in two-way LTE radio walkie talkie solutions providing dispatch software with GPS, Call Recording, group and individual calling.


Nextcom POC/LTE Walkie Talkie SuperSIM with Multi-Carrier Redundacy:

The Nextcom SuperSIM offers the next level of Long Distance Walkie Talkies with superior audio quality and reliability.  The Nextcom SuperSIM detects the most powerful cellular signal and switches cellular carriers on the move. If one network has an issue, the walkie talkie radio will change to the next best available signal.

The Nextcom SuperSIM comes preset to work with all North American cellular carriers. It also provides access to 400 global carriers in over 185 countries. Contact us to add any country at no extra charge. See coverage here.

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POC (Push Over Cellular) Walkie Talkie Benefits 

LTE Long Distance Walkie Talkies Provide Crystal Clear Encrypted Communication

-First Month Airtime is Provided at No Charge
-Unlimited Data Included
-Volume Pricing available: call 1-800-909-6290 
-Contracts and Radio Licenses are not Required
-Individual Call, Group Call, Private Call 
-128 Channels with up to 2,000 people in a group
-Rugged Sturdy Design, Factory-Rated & built to last 
-Access Last Five Conversations from the Side Button 
-Lone Worker Time Feature: Alerts Worker to Press the PTT Button
-Internal WiFi only Radios can Speak with External LTE Radios
-BlueTooth Feature works with Airpods and Other Popular Earbuds
-Nextcom Radios are PTCRB Certified with CTIA Requirements

Dispatch Features

-Browser-based Software or Standalone Console
-Offers GPS, Missed Call Alert, and Voice Recording
-Dispatch Sends out Job Tickets to the Radio Fleet
-Create new Radio Groups on the Fly
-SOS Messaging from all Radios back to Dispatch. GPS Pinpoints Worker
-Add additional Dispatch seats as Required
-Text or Talk to a Radio From Dispatch PTT button



Featured Long Distance LTE Walkie Talkies

NX Series T60 4G LTE Portable Radio 02-22300.png__PID:b1bb03bb-ef4a-46f9-ae93-044787bb1b4a

Nextcom NXT60/65 - Portable LTE Radio

Nextcom Long Distance NXT60/65 LTE Handheld Walkie Talkie. LTE two-way radio is Wi-Fi & GPS enabled with Voice Recording and Playback. Instant PTT, Digitally Encrypted Crystal Clear Communication.  First Month Airtime Free. 

Nextcom GP700 - Military Grade LTE Radio

Military-Grade Nextcom GP700. Industrial Six-mode LTE Two Way Radio. Long Distance LTE Walkie Talkie Two Way Radio. Wi-Fi & GPS Enabled. Industrial IP68 Rated Portable Walkie Talkie Radio with Encrypted Voice Recording and one-key alarm.


Nextcom NXM50 - In-Vehicle LTE Radio

Nextcom Long Distance NXM50 LTE In-Vehicle commercial walkie talkie. Connects to vehicle power. Commerical LTE two-way mobile radio, Wi-Fi & GPS enabled with Voice Recording & Playback.  Instant PTT, DigitallyEncrypted Communication. First Month Airtime Free.


Radio over Wi-Fi Solution

In-Building Two Way Radio Walkie Talkie over Wi-Fi

Works everywhere you have a Wi-Fi signal across your building or property.
Extend the network easily by expanding your Wi-Fi Access Points.

There are no monthly airtime fees for Wi-Fi connected radios when you use a Nextcom RoIP or Enterprise Server.  Radios work over broadband IP backbone as part of your existing Wi-Fi network. Includes all the features of our two-way radios including Private and Group calling, Emergency Calls, Emergency Alarms, message recording and playback.

Our In-Building Wi-Fi Solution also allows you to connect to LTE radios outside of your Wi-Fi network providing a true hybrid solution of Wi-Fi and LTE walkie talkies.

download - 2024-01-10T123753.965.png__PID:7a28979c-7cb6-4484-93c9-7f64a2e46637

Nationwide Instant PTT Cellular Two Way Radio

USA and CANADA Cellular Coverage: Nextcom  LTE walkie talkies work wherever there is  LTE coverage.
Instant, always-on digital quality communications with call recording & instant playback feature.

INSTANT PTT: Nextcom LTE long distance two way radios work just like a traditional two-way walkie talkie, facilitating instant communication up to 2,000 users per channel, across a maximum of 128 channels.

download - 2024-01-10T123753.965.png__PID:7a28979c-7cb6-4484-93c9-7f64a2e46637

Browser-Based Two Way Radio Dispatch Software

The Nextcom Dispatch software operates with any browser. Dispatcher provides GPS tracking offering 12 to 60 second GPS pings. Voice recordings can be stored for 90 days. Communicate with the entire two way radio fleet as a group, partial group, or individually.

Features  missed call alert when someone is away from their walkie talkie. Nextcom will provide a free demonstration of the dispatcher software to get you fully trained.

download - 2024-01-10T123753.965.png__PID:7a28979c-7cb6-4484-93c9-7f64a2e46637

LTE Two Way Radio:
GPS and Wi-Fi Enabled

Nextcom LTE two way long distance radios are GPS & Wi-Fi enabled for real-time location tracking and robust in-building coverage. Nextcom walkie talkies have coverage using 2.4/5 GHz Wi-Fi platforms.

Enjoy one month of free airtime in the USA and Canada on the Nextcom LTE walkie talkies. Unlimited airtime at with no hidden fees, no contracts and no licensing.


Nextcom Two Way Radio Clients

connect logo.png__PID:b701bc47-14d7-4e20-8b91-a93e0187922c

Amazon Two Way Radio Walkie Talkie Talk


Trenton Masterson


"I have been in Law Enforcement for over 27 years, started out in dispatch using many different radios over the years, now I am the Sheriff in my area. We had a need for a major upgrade in communication across the county. I reached out to Nextcom and asked many questions about the product and the technology behind it. The customer service is second to none, the knowledge and expertise is also second to none. I ordered the radios and had them at my department within a couple days. Once I received them I had them activated and was using them within the hour. We have been using the radios along with the dispatch software and both are absolutely spectacular. This product has made communication much better and in turn has made the police officers and deputies safer as they do this job. I cant say enough good things about the radios and this company. This is a must have product for not only law enforcement but for any type of work where good reliable communication is a must."

Darian Kilpatrick


"I'm a supervisor for a medium-sized Armed security company out of California. Previously we used the Motorola WAVE service with Moto TLK radios. Lately, they have gotten so bad that about 40% of the radio traffic would not go thru or we would just get chirps. Now these radios are supposed to be our Lifeline if we get into anything sketchy. With the work that we do we REQUIRE reliable communications. We do Arrests, Alarm Response, Evictions, you name it.

Because Motorola WAVE is TRASH we were looking for something better. Looking at the listing at Amazon i was hesitant at first because it wasn't a name i recognized but i was willing to try anything at this point.

I reached out to NEXTCOM by email first asking some questions before i bought and let me tell you.... EVERYONE that I've been in contact with has been AMAZING! Customer support of the bat was Top Tier. It is a Canadian-based company. Everyone there has responded to my emails very quickly and has been helpful.

Shout out to Merle, Karen, Jerry, and Jason. They are all amazing and even helped me activate these after business hours."

Don Davis


"I own a snowplow business where I have multiple plow trucks as well as shovel crews out in separate vehicles and communication with all has always been a challenge while plowing myself. I ordered a few of these radios to try out and let me tell you the past few storms they have been a game changer. Being able to be in constant communication with my team with reliable service and not having to make a million phone calls has been great. These radios come in crystal clear and work everywhere even when my employees are many miles and cities away. I have a business partner that is usually 220 miles away and we talk over the radio and the reception is so clear it's like he's in the other room. I will be ordering more soon to outfit the rest of my team with these. Wish I found them sooner! On a side note - the customer service provided by Doug thus far has been absolutely supreme. I received the radios on a Saturday from Amazon and he had me all up and running quickly as we had a storm that Sunday and were able to use them. He has answered any questions and even given his direct contact info if I was to have any concerns/issues no matter what time it is. Absolutely amazing product and support!!"



"Excellent product and service. Jerry and the team respond to questions and service activation very quickly. Battery life is excellent - after a full day of casual use the battery still has 80 to 85% remaining. Receiver is excellent and coverage through the ATT plan is very consistent in my area (40 miles northeast of Seattle). Better than my TMobile C phone. Audio quality is better than DMR. Short of a cyber attack or EMP, these units, in my opinion, are likely more reliable than your average C phone. Functions available that are programmable through the key pad are more than most folks will ever need, but software is available (at an extra cost) for a myriad of needs. Granted, these are not capable of communicating without the cell service or wifi, they do have a purpose for range of coverage and reliability. As a ham radio licensee for nearly 30 years, this is a great comms tool to add to the collection."


Digital Two Way Radio for Business Communications

Digital two-way radios from Nextcom make dedicated two-way communications faster, clearer, and easier to use in all environments. Nextcom digital radios increase productivity, reduce costs, enhance customer service and ensure worker safety.

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Nextcom Two Way Radio Testimonials

"One of the best decisions we've ever made."

"Nextcom's radios give us the ultimate flexibility in dispatching our school and charter buses and are way more efficient than the traditional radio system we were using. No matter where our drivers are in Alberta, we can communicate instantly, creating smoother fleet operations and increased customer service. One of the best decisions we've ever made."

Fenton Bus Lines, Cochrane AB

"We LOVE our new Radio System..."

"We LOVE our new Nextcom NX LTE Radio system that we're using in our school buses! They work amazing in areas that we used to struggle with getting any reception using other 2-way radios. The coverage is fantastic and the audio quality is great. One of our favorite features of the radios is the ability to playback the last few messages. Awesome, way to go Nextcom!"

Hrehorets Bus Service, Fort Saskatchewan AB

download - 2024-01-16T110725.134.png__PID:5f03ecc9-ce56-4cb3-885d-08e8af65e46a