SONETICS Headset and Communication Systems

Increase worker safety and productivity with Sonetics hands-free technology.

Experience state-of-the-art high definition clarity when communicating with workers in action.

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DECT7 Wireless Headset with Advanced Hearing Protection

The Sonetics APX377 wireless headset protects you from dangerous noise levels while enhancing all other audio to a comfortable listening level. Extend team communication up to 1,600 feet (line-of-sight) from the ComHub.

Stereo Listen-Through protects your hearing when you need to hear warnings and alarms or have a face-to-face conversation. Optional Bluetooth feature lets you connect your cellphone, or connect a two-way radio or MP3 player via direct-wire inputs.

Engineered and tested for rugged durability in extreme environments, the APX377/379 improves team communications no matter where you work.

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SCH3 Series DECT7 ComHub

The Sonetics Wireless ComHub is the heart of a Sonetics Portable Wireless Communication System. The SCH305 ComHub supports full duplex, always-on digital communication between up to five Sonetics DECT7 Wireless Headsets, transmitting in high-definition, wideband audio for greater voice clarity and integration with voice-activated control systems. All conversations are encrypted to ensure privacy.

Radio PTT-capable headsets can be configured to transmit on a portable radio via the ComHub. For situations that require a large number of connected users, such as education or tour groups, Broadcast Mode supports up to 100 users.

Tethering with a second ComHub lets you connect two teams in a single talk group. Sonetics ComHubs also have DECT7 channel capability, allowing users to talk on up to five different channels. An optional external antenna increases placement flexibility.

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Listen-Through Technology Lets You Control Ambient Sound  

Your hearing is protected, but not disconnected. Every Sonetics wireless headset has a microphone on the forward edge of each ear dome. When you toggle the listen-through feature on, those microphones let you hear outside sound without the need to remove the headset and its vital hearing protection.

The stereo separation created by those microphones helps you perceive whether a sound is coming from in front, from behind or to the side.

Listen-through’s independent volume control means you’ll always be able to hear voice communication. And you can choose between four volume levels for just the right amount in any situation. Turned up to maximum, listen-through actually amplifies your normal hearing slightly, giving you what we call “wolf ears.”

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Sonetics Systems Get The Job Done

Sonetics Portable Wireless Systems are designed to connect and protect your team in rugged, everyday working conditions.

Sonetics Headsets offer real-time, hands-free team communication with advanced hearing protection, Listen-Through Technology and can be configured for Bluetooth operation as well as integrated into a variety of two-way radio options.

Legacy technologies hamper productivity. Free your team from the struggle to be heard and understood. Contact Nextcom today to discover what you can accomplish with a Sonetics Portable Wireless System.

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