Why should you choose Nextcom?

Teamwork, Longevity & Experience.

Founded in 1997, Nextcom is an established and trusted radio provider to hundreds of businesses in North America. A solid company with a strong team of people and a long history of success.

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Our customers, big and small.

Nextcom has provided radio communications to a variety of industries, including school districts, construction, transportation, security, utilities, airports and oil & gas. From a small walkie talkie startup company to a large 2000 LTE two-way radio enterprise, we've done it all!

Nextcom was recently awarded Dealer of the Year with the largest Government and City project using Hytera Communications delivering 1,800 radios on a single project.

The best techs!

The Nextcom technical team are certified in DMR 2 and Tier 3 networks with robust experience in managing and maintaining major networks.

Nextcom has RF, electrical and network engineers on staff to ensure projects are delivered on time, on budget and maintained with diligence.

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