Collection: NXT60 Free 30-day Trial

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  • 1. Order

    Order 2-4 walkie talkies with free shipping and we will ship them to you same-day. Contact us to receive your free shipping promo code (new activations only).

  • 2. Activate

    We will activate your new radios to the network and the radios will be working immediately. The first month of airtime is free. View our standard rates.

  • 3. Field Test

    Conduct your field test with your new radios for up to 30 days and see how great they work for you! Nextcom Dispatch 30-day trial also available upon request.

  • 4. Return Policy

    If you're happy, keep the radios and continue to use them or you can return the radios within 30 days for a full refund. No questions asked. Zero cost to you.