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Since 1997 Nextcom Communications has been providing quality two-way radio communication products and services in Calgary and throughout Southern Alberta. We've developed solutions to meet  almost any customer requirement and delivered on our service commitment time and time again.

You'll find Nextcom radios and accessories on construction sites, oil rigs and gas plants, manufacturing centers, convention centers and sports stadiums, in government utilities and public works, not to mention a whole host of small businesses focused on providing goods and services throughout our operating area.

Contact us today to see how Nextcom can help you communicate more efficiently and increase both customer and worker satisfaction.

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Metro Calgary Radio Service

Nextcom operates a state-of-the-art, high-capacity Digital Trunked Radio System in the metro Calgary area, ensuring radio users always get a channel when they need one. From Cochrane to Strathmore, Okotoks to Crossfield, mobile coverage is crisp and clear 24/7/365.

Our digital system is fully encrypted for safe, secure and instant communications with your teams. Your radio conversations cannot be overheard and you don't share channels with others. Get in touch with us today to see our our Metro Calgary Trunked Radio System can help you operate more effectively and efficiently.

Our approach includes includes analysis of the communications within the organization, peak hour optimization and user traffic mapping, any in-building coverage required, range requirements and overall capacity. Interviews with User Groups determine unique calling requirements and patterns.

Nextcom will design a custom communications solution that that factors in future growth, expansion, and evolving RF technologies, ensuring the system will be able to grow as your business grows and evolves as the technology allows.

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