Nextcom NX Series

Light, compact, and designed to function just like the traditional two-way radios you're used to, Nextcom's NX Series LTE radios help enable your mobile workforce. A single press of the PTT button and you're instantly communicating with individuals or teams no matter where they are in the USA or Canada. Combined with affordable, no-nonsense pricing, Nextcom NX LTE is the future of two-way radio.

  • LTE Highlights

    Nextcom NX Series LTE radios work wherever there is cellular 3G/4G LTE coverage in the USA and Canada. Add international roaming and cover both countries at the same time.

  • Voice Recording/Playback

    In case you missed it... instantly play back your last 5 conversations with the push of a button. Plays last message first. Users can also retrieve last 99 messages via the radio menu settings. All messages stored for 90 days.

  • Missed Call Alert

    Displays an alert on the screen when someone has attempted to call while a user is away from the radio. Tells you who called and lets you respond directly or listen to the recorded message.

  • Instant PTT

    Unlike Smartphone PTT-like applications, Nextcom NX Series LTE radios function and perform just like traditional two-way radios... except they work anywhere. Press the PTT button and instantly communicate with up to 2,000 users per channel, up to 128 channels.

  • GPS Ready

    All NX Series LTE radios come ready for GPS location-based tracking. Users can be monitored in real time via our Dispatching software, installed on any PC or tablet for enhanced command and control. Speed, time, location, and history are standard features.

  • WiFi Enabled

    Built-in Wi-Fi option can be set to automatically engage, providing users with superior in-building coverage where cellular signals may be weak or distorted. Works on all 2.4/5 GHz platforms.

Enhance Your Communications with Nextcom Dispatcher

The Nextcom LTE Dispatcher provides full GPS location and tracking for dispatching operations and supports all voice services including Private Call, Group Call, Priority Interrupt and User Status. Dispatchers can quickly type text messages to users and the radio will read the text aloud.

Track radios in real time or use the breadcrumb feature to see where they've been. Other features include radio Stun/Kill/Revive, Recording and Voice Playback as well as History tracking and Geo-fencing. Contact Nextcom today for a demo or more information on how Nextcom Dispatcher can help streamline your dispatch operations. 

  • See all users current locations. Use All Call, Group Call or Individual Call for any typical dispatch scenario. Dispatcher records all calls with user radios and tracks movements for historical analysis.
  • Monitor, dispatch and track multiple Talk Groups at any one time. Monitor signal strength, battery remaining and Wi-Fi if enabled. Draw a circle around select radios to create a Temporary Talk Group.
  • View historical tracks (breadcrumb trails) or radios including location, speed, time and direction for any 24 hour period. Quickly listen to recorded conversations and export both recordings and historical tracks to your own servers anytime.