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Thank you for purchasing your new LTE radios from Nextcom. This device will provide you with nationwide Push-To-Talk (PTT) service anywhere there is LTE cellular coverage in the United States, Canada and Mexico. No long distance charges, no roaming charges, and no data overage charges.

USA airtime rates:
United States including Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Canada: $24.95 USD/month/radio.
Nextcom service is month-to-month with no long-term contracts.

You may deactivate your service and suspend billing when the radios are not in use (such as seasonal businesses that do not operate in the winter). There is no charge to deactivate a radio. There is a $10 per radio charge to reactivate a radio. You can cancel your Service at any time without penalty. Our Network Service Terms and Conditions Agreement govern your use of Nextcom Radios.

If you have a free airtime promotion, you will not be required to pay anything until such time as your promotional time has expired and you wish to continue on with the service. However, Nextcom is required to secure a valid credit card authorization in advance of service in order to verify the account holder’s identity.

The Nextcom LTE Radios allow you to select a username for each radio. The username identifies each User on all other radios when they are talking. Usernames can be up to 20 alphanumeric characters long.

Please fill out and submit the form below. Once we receive the information we will activate your radios within 24 hours. If you have more than 8 radios to onboard follow the instruction at the bottom of the form. Nextcom will not charge your credit card a pre-payment or a deposit. Nextcom does not share your information with anyone. All of your information is secured by Shopify's server security apparatus.

From all of us a Nextcom, THANK YOU for your business.

Three Year Extended Warranty

Dear Valued Customer,  

Congratulations on your choice of purchasing Nextcom LTE Radios. We understand that investing in quality is essential, and to enhance your ownership experience, we're thrilled to offer
our exclusive Peace of Mind Protection Plan - a 3-year extended warranty
designed to safeguard your purchase like never before. This brings your
warranty to five (5) full years of warranty from date of purchase. 

Key Features:

Your new Nextcom LTE radios already come
with a two-year parts and labor warranty.

Extend Coverage for 3 Years:

Enjoy worry-free ownership with our
extended warranty that spans three additional years from the date of your
product purchase. The cost is $89.95 for the NXM50 Mobile and $69.95 for the
NXT60/65 Portables.

Complete Replacement Guarantee:

Our commitment to your satisfaction is
unwavering. In the rare event of a malfunction due to manufacturing defects, we
pledge to replace your Nextcom Radio entirely, ensuring you always have a
top-performing device. Your only cost will be shipping the damaged radio back
to Nextcom.

Exceptional Service, Hassle-Free:

Should you encounter any issues, our
dedicated customer service team is at your beck and call. We make the repair or
replacement process seamless, minimizing any inconvenience to you.

Exclusions for Customer Abuse:

We believe in fair play. While we cover
defects and malfunctions, our warranty does not extend to instances of customer
abuse, intentional damage, or unauthorized modifications. Our goal is to
provide comprehensive coverage while promoting responsible ownership.

How It Works:

In the unlikely event of an issue, simply
contact our customer service team at

We will guide you through the quick and
easy process, ensuring a swift resolution.

If deemed necessary, we'll expedite the replacement of your Nextcom Radio with
a brand-new unit. 

Invest in Confidence:

Our Peace of Mind Protection Plan is a
testament to our confidence in the durability and reliability of our products.
We stand by the quality of Nextcom LTE Radios, and this warranty is our
commitment to your satisfaction.

Affordable Protection:

The Peace of Mind Protection Plan is
available at a nominal cost, making it an incredibly cost-effective way to
ensure your investment is protected for the long haul.

Don't let unexpected issues disrupt your enjoyment of Nextcom Radios. Secure
your Peace of Mind Protection Plan today and experience unparalleled confidence
in your purchase!

To purchase of this exclusive offer or for more information, contact our sales
team at
We will require the serial number of the radios to enroll them in the program.

Thank you for choosing Nextcom. We look forward to serving you and ensuring
your complete satisfaction.

Best Regards,

Nextcom Communications Inc.


The TERMS AND CONDITIONS herein (these “Terms”) govern your use of the Nextcom Services and Equipment. The Agreement and any other materials incorporated by reference (collectively,
the “Materials”) together with these Terms constitute our agreement with you (“Network Services Agreement”). You may have more than one Agreement with us. If there is any inconsistency
between the Materials and these Terms, these Terms will prevail. The Agreement may be amended from time to time which changes will become effective upon posting to the Nextcom website or to
your account. The following provisions are incorporated into and form part of the Agreement:
1. Definitions. (a) "we", "us", "our", and "Nextcom" mean Nextcom Communications Inc. and its affiliates; (b) "you" and "your" mean a Nextcom account holder; (c) "Equipment" or “Device” means
any radio, device, accessory or other product approved and provided by Nextcom that is active on your account with Nextcom; (d) "Services" means all services Nextcom provides to you or agrees
to provide to you; (e) "Agreement" means the Network Services Agreement, a copy of which is accessible at; and (f) "Users" means your employees, representatives and
other individuals who use any of the Services on or through your account with Nextcom.
2. Polices and Acceptable Use. Nextcom has established policies, rules and limits concerning use of the Services, Equipment and any products, applications or software used in conjunction with the
Services or Equipment. Your use of the Services is subject to these Policies, which are incorporated into these Terms by reference. You must cause your Users to comply with the Terms and all
other documents which form part of the Agreement including Nextcom's policies, practices and procedures (the "Policies"), a copy of which is accessible at You and your
users expressly agree not to use any of the Equipment or Services in any manner that is illegal, fraudulent, threatening, abusive, defamatory or obscene, or in a way that could damage or adversely
affect Nextcom or any our networks, property, services, reputation, customers or suppliers.
3. Equipment. You must purchase, install, maintain and update, at your cost, the Equipment required to access the Nextcom network and use the Services. Nextcom does not manufacture its
Equipment and therefore shall provide hardware support only according to the manufacturers standard warranty provided (the “Covered Products”), and covers only material defects. Any physical,
cosmetic, moisture damage, any damage to the antenna, display or keypad, or any other damage caused by not using or protecting the products as described in the documentation provided with
those products is not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. Only Nextcom certified technicians can assess damage; if the Covered Products are opened by anyone other than Nextcom's certified
technicians, the foregoing manufacturer’s warranty will be void. All warranty claims must be made by returning the defective product to Nextcom within the warranty period. If, at its own discretion,
Nextcom concludes that your product is covered under warranty, Nextcom will repair or replace the product at Nextcom's expense. Nextcom warrants that the Covered Products will operate in
accordance with the Services. Nextcom may update or change the software, firmware, settings, specifications and features of the Equipment from time-to-time, and you hereby authorize Nextcom to
do so. You will not sell, lease, mortgage, transfer, assign or encumber the Equipment without the express consent of Nextcom. You do not and will not have any proprietary, ownership or any other
right to any identification number, phone number, SIM number or other identifier Nextcom assigns to you or your users or to your Equipment or your account. You and your users must not alter or
tamper with any identification, signaling or transmission component or feature of the Equipment used in connection with the Services. You are solely responsible for your account with us and for
maintaining the security of all of your and your users' account numbers, names and passwords.
4. Network Coverage. Nextcom does not guarantee uninterrupted wireless radio telecommunication services in any of Nextcom’s markets. Service may be temporarily limited or refused due to radio
and cellular network limitations, environmental conditions, force majeure, network interference or any other reason within or outside of Nextcom's control. Wireless network coverage is not available
everywhere and you hereby acknowledge there are gaps in the coverage areas that, along with other factors beyond Nextcom's control (e.g., network problems, software, structures, weather,
geography, topography, etc.), may result in dropped and/or blocked connections, slower call set-up or transmission speeds, or otherwise impact the quality of Service. Emergency services such as
911 are not available on all Nextcom’s networks. Other Services that rely on location information, such as GPS navigation, depend on your Equipment and Service package options. You will be
responsible for any and all charges related to roaming outside of the stated coverage areas in materials provided by Nextcom.
5. Credit Approval and Deposits. All accounts are subject to credit approval. In addition to information supplied by you, you hereby consent to Nextcom obtaining credit information from trade
references and credit reporting agencies and such other sources as Nextcom deems necessary or appropriate. Based on the credit report and other factors Nextcom deems relevant to your
creditworthiness, including, without limitation, your payment history and/or usage patterns, Nextcom may, at its sole discretion, at any time, withdraw or change the Agreement, place restrictions or
conditions on you and your users' use of Services or assess a security deposit on our Equipment or other form of payment guarantee.
6. Term and Early Termination. The term of the Agreement is a month-to-month basis. Services are provided based on periods of one month and are prepaid in advance. You may terminate the
Agreement at any time by providing written notice of termination to Nextcom at least 15 days prior to the last day of the month. The Services will be in effect until the last day of the month and you
will be responsible for all fees and charges up to and including the last day of the month in which the Services were terminated, including all early termination fees and other fees and charges, as
applicable. There is no credit or refund for any unused Services.
7. Rates, Charges and Payment. During the term, you agree to pay the Rates and Charges set out in the Agreement. Unless otherwise specified and agreed and approved in advance, all fees, rates
and charges shall be paid for by credit card. You are liable for all charges to your account. If payment of an amount due is not received by us on the required payment date specified herein, it will be
subject to a late payment charge of 2% per month, calculated and compounded monthly on the delinquent amount (26.82% per year) from the date of the first billing period on which the delinquent
amount appears until the date we receive such amount in full. You agree that we can charge any unpaid and outstanding amounts, including any late payment charges, on your account.
Administrative charges may be levied for administration or account processing activities in connection with your account, including as a result of the following: (a) collection efforts due to nonpayment; (b) returned or rejected credit card payments; (c) change of your financial institution or banking arrangements; and/or, (d) restoring network service if non-payment resulted in suspension.
Any questions or discrepancies regarding charges must be reported to us within thirty (30) days of the date of payment or billing statement. Failure to notify us within this time period will constitute
your acceptance of such charges.
8. Monitoring and Disclosure. Nextcom has no obligation to monitor any information or content accessible, transmitted or posted through or to the Services. Nextcom may monitor your use of the
Services electronically from time to time and disclose to any third party any information necessary to: (a) satisfy any legal, regulatory or other government request, b) operate or provide the Services,
or (c) protect Nextcom, our customers and subscribers in accordance with the Policies. Nextcom reserves the right to refuse, remove or limit access to, any information or content in whole or in part
that violates the Agreement or is otherwise objectionable by Nextcom in its sole discretion.
10. Suspension and Termination. Nextcom may suspend, without notice to you, the Agreement, including any Service provided under the Agreement, or terminate the Agreement at any time if you
or any of your users: (a) fails to pay any amount owing to Nextcom as and when due; (b) harasses or threatens any of Nextcom's officers, employees, contractors or representatives; (c) provide
false, inaccurate or unverifiable information to Nextcom; (d) interferes with any of the Services or Nextcom's operations or network; (e) uses (or is suspected to have used) any Services or
Equipment in any manner restricted by or inconsistent with the Agreement (including the Policies or any document which forms part of the total Agreement) or applicable law; (f) breaches any term
or provision of the Agreement (including any document(s) which forms part of the Agreement); (g) becomes insolvent or bankrupt; (h) modifies or alters Equipment from its manufacturer
specifications; or (i) uses non-authorized Equipment on any Nextcom network. Additionally, Nextcom may, without notice to you, suspend any Service and/or terminate the Agreement at any time if
we believe, in our sole discretion, that terminating the Agreement is necessary to protect the interests of Nextcom or any of our customers, suppliers, networks or Equipment.
11. No Warranties. Nextcom does not guarantee or warrant the performance, availability, coverage, uninterrupted use, security or operation of the Services, the Equipment, or any products, content,
applications, services, connections or networks used or provided by us or third parties. You bear the entire risk as to the use, availability, reliability, timeliness, quality, security and performance of
the Services, and, to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, Nextcom will not be liable to you or to any third party for: (a) any direct, indirect, special, consequential, incidental, economic or
punitive damages (including loss of profit or revenue, financial loss, loss of business opportunities, loss, destruction or alteration of data, files or software, breach of privacy or security property
damage, personal injury, death or any other foreseeable or unforeseeable loss, however caused) resulting or relating directly or indirectly from or relating to the Services, even if we were negligent
or were advised of the possibility of such damages; (b) the denial, restriction, blocking, disruption or inaccessibility of any Services; (c) any lost, stolen, damaged or expired Equipment; (d) any acts,
errors, omissions or delays in relation to connecting to or from a telecommunications carrier or any limitation connected thereto; or (e) any claims or damages resulting directly or indirectly from any
claim that the use, intended use or combination of the Services or any material transmitted through the Services infringes the intellectual property, industrial, contractual, privacy or other rights of a
third party. These limits are in addition to any other limits on Nextcom's liability set out elsewhere in the Agreement and apply to any act or omission of Nextcom, whether or not the act or omission
would otherwise be a cause of action in contract, tort or pursuant to any statute or other doctrine of law.
12. Indemnification and Liability. You will indemnify and hold harmless Nextcom, its officers, directors, employees and representatives from and against any claims, losses, damages, costs and
expenses (including, without limitation, reasonable legal fees and other litigation expenses) incurred by Nextcom relating to your violation, alleged violation or misappropriation of any intellectual
property, industrial, contractual, privacy or other rights of a third party or any alleged libel or slander by a third party against you. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained herein or in any
part of the Agreement, Nextcom's total liability to you under the Agreement or in connection with the Services and/or Equipment will be limited to the fees you paid to Nextcom under the Agreement
for one (1) month.
13. Law and Dispute Resolution. The Agreement is governed by and construed in accordance with the laws in effect in the Province of Alberta. All disputes arising out of or in connection with the
Agreement will be referred to and exclusively resolved with finality by arbitration administered in accordance with the provisions of the Alberta Arbitration Act by the Alberta courts of law in Calgary,
Alberta; provided however, that a party may apply to a court of competent jurisdiction for interim protection or equitable relief such as an interlocutory or interim injunction.
14. Notice. Except as otherwise provided for in the Agreement, you will provide Nextcom notice by either phoning or writing Nextcom. Nextcom will provide you notice either in writing with your
invoice, by notice in writing to you at your last known billing address or by the last known e-mail address you have provided to Nextcom. To contact Nextcom: (a) in person or by mail: #127, 11929-
40 Street SE, Calgary, Alberta, T2Z 4M8, (b) by e-mail:
15. Severability. The invalidity or unenforceability of any term or provision of the Agreement will not affect any other term or provision of the Agreement; if any term or provision is found to be invalid
or unenforceable, the remaining terms and provisions of the Agreement will continue in full force and effect. Further, the parties will negotiate in good faith to substitute into the Agreement, such term
and provision that will be as close as possible to the intention of any invalid or unenforceable term or provision.
16. Assignment. You may not assign or sub-license the Agreement or any of your rights under the Agreement or the Services without Nextcom's prior written consent, which may not unreasonably
be withheld. The Agreement is assignable by Nextcom without your consent.