Bundle your School Bus Radios with GPS Tracking & Student Monitoring

Together with EZ enRoute & MAXtrax GPS we provide a comprehensive solution for school bus radio communication, student monitoring & school bus tracking.

  • School Bus Radio

    The NXM50 LTE School Bus Mobile Radio provides instant PTT radio communication. Wi-Fi & GPS enabled with voice recording, message playback and missed call alerts.

    Integrates fully with Nextcom Dispatch software which features full map display, group call, fleet call, individual call, missed call Alert, text messaging, field ticketing and SOS notifications.

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  • Real-Time Bus Tracking

    Live map updates with real-time school bus tracking, from the time the bus starts out for morning pick-ups to arrival at your home and the route to your child's school. Repeats again with afternoon school pick-ups throughout the drop-offs back to your home.

    SOS alert notifications to all parents for emergencies or delays.

  • Student Monitoring

    School Bus operators can track live school bus routes with every stop and receive emergency alerts.

    The Parent app can track real-time school bus locations and get real-time route notifications and alerts.

    The Driver App is an automatic and manual attendance monitoring app for students taking the bus. Parents will be notified when a driver starts the route and when a student enters the bus.



Order your Demo Kit

We will send you a ready-to-use demo kit of four radios for you to field test and see how great they work for you. This includes full Dispatch access and training.

Contact our sales team today to get your demo kit free of charge.

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Nextcom Dispatch

  • Visually track, text, and talk to all of your radios.
  • Communicate to your team directly through the browser interface.
  • Create groups and private channels.
  • Record your calls and GPS activity.

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