Radio over Wi-Fi Solution

In-Building Radio over Wi-Fi

Nextcom uses Radio over Wi-Fi technology to instantly and seamlessly communicate throughout and between buildings. Strengthen your network easily by expanding the Wi-Fi Access Points in your building.

Single building solutions can host up to 200 users on a RoIP server with the ability to connect to your LTE radios.

Multi-building solutions can host up to 2000 users on a managed Enterprise server with the ability to connect to your LTE radios.

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Nextcom Wi-Fi RoIP Server

In-Building Radio over Wi-Fi Solution

Host up to 200 of your company's radios on this compact RoIP server and eliminate monthly LTE fees. Dispatch software is included. Can also connect to external LTE radios operating outside of your Wi-Fi network.

  • Wide-Area Coverage

    Works everywhere you have Wi-Fi signal across your building or property. Extend the network easily by expanding your WiFi Access Points. Expand even further by connecting to your off-site LTE radios!

  • No Monthly Fees

    When you build a wi-fi radio network on your own RoIP or Enterprise server, there are no monthly fees since the radios do not activate on the LTE network. This adds up to massive savings over time.

  • Feature-Rich

    Includes all the features of conventional radios including Private and Group calling, Emergency Call, Emergency Alarm, missed call alert, lone worker, etc.

  • Dispatch Included

    Our RoIP and Enterprise Wi-Fi servers include Dispatch seats. Visually manage all of your radios with the browser-based software. See more.

Radio Over Wifi System Applications